Subject: Re: June 08 SUP Problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/10/1994 13:26:08
>If you've just got kernel sources, what else is there to do besides:
>	cd usr.sbin/
>	make clean
>	make
>	make install
>	cd ../../sys/arch/amiga/conf
> GENERIC (or whatever)
>	cd ../compile/GENERIC (or whatever)
>	rm .depend
>	make clean
>	make depend
>	make
I don't compile, I am using the binary from April 27th.
BUT, I do everything else EXACTLY.  Everything works until
building libkern.  The first error I get is a warning:

rm -f m68k && ln -s blahblah m68k
rm: m68k is a directory
error code 1

Then the compile complains that it can't find profile.h and stops.
I copy the includes from arch/m68k to m68k and all works fine.
I must have something working weird somewhere.

Still, I get a compiled kernel but it freezes after describing
the drives attached and saying that ite1 is set to grf1.

It never hits the HD.  Sounds like ascsi problem but I don't know
what to do to fix it.

I have a 2000, G-Force040, 8mb, RetinaZII w/2mb, 500mb Quantum.
I am using the "old-way" of partition setup: BSDR, BSDR, BSDD, ...
This setup works with the April 27th kernel and April 17th bins.

Any ideas?