Subject: June 08 SUP Problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/09/1994 10:32:51

I compiled a kernel from a June 08 SUP and here are my problems:

1)  No problems until I went to build libkern.
    When building the profiled library, strcat.c dies
    because <string.h> is being included, it doesn't need
    to be included at all.

    Also, it still needs the includes from arch/m68k/includes
    copied into lib/libkern/m68k, or something else needs
    to be done to fix this.

Kernel finished compiling and loading: 925K !! (GENERIC Kernel)

2)  WHen booting the kernel, everything seems fine until it should
    go to the HD.  I keep getting a "SBIC timeout @577" or something.

My setup is a 2000, G-Force 040 8mb-32bit 4mb-16bit 1mb-chip,
Quantum 500LPS and Quantum 105LPS.
I am using a root and binaries created from the April 17 binaries
and works with the April 27 kernel.

I tried setting the siop_sync_inhibit and sbic_sync_inhibit values
to inhibit the sync (my drives needed it in previous kernels) but
still no go.