Subject: Boot floppys for June sup kernels
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/08/1994 20:57:23
	OK, I just finished doing raw installs on 2 machines with
	3 floppys and a tape made from a tree created by going
	in to src/etc; make distribution DISTDIR=/foo.

	On 1 ADOS formatted floppy I put loadbsd-2.6 and a bootable
	kernel, netbsd.0605 in my case. Using this floppy from ADOS
	I can mount one of the two other floppys for dirty work using
	the -b option of loadbsd. i.e.

	loadbsd-2.6 netbsd.0605 -b

	I made two NetBSD UFS format floppys as follows:

	1: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/fd0a bs=11k count=80
	   Format the floppys
	2: newfs -m 1 -i 4096 /dev/rfd0a
	   Create a BSD filesystem on the floppy.
	3: mount /dev/fd0a /mnt
	4: cd /mnt
	5: mkdir bin dev etc sbin mnt tmp
	6: cd dev
	7: cp /foo/dev/MAKEDEV* .
	   Copy the MAKEDEV scripts from the distribution tree to make dev
	   node on the floppy that will jibe with the kernel.
	8: ./MAKEDEV all
	   Make the nodes
	9: cp /foo/sbin/init /mnt/sbin/init
	   cp /foo/bin/sh /mnt/bin/sh
	   cp /foo/sbin/mount /mnt/sbin/mount

	   Here the two floppys diverge. On one, I copyed /sbin/{fsck,newfs}
	   on the other tar and /sbin/umount.

	   Note: Assuming you have applied todays NO_HISTORY patch to 
		 src/bin/sh/input.c, cd src/sys/arch/i386/floppy/sh
		 and make the smaller sh, make sure it is statically
		 linked. Use this sh rather than /bin/sh if you want to
		 fit more goodies on the boot floppys.
	10: cd /; umount /mnt

	Next, edit the dostypes on your partitions to be the appropriate
	NBR\7, NBS\1 or NBU\7 for the new kernels..

	Next, boot the ADOS floppy: loadbsd-2.6 netbsd -b
	At the prompt for the root filesystem remove the ADOS floppy and
	insert the one with newfs on it. Then type in fd0 and press
	return.. At the # prompt type:
	sbin/newfs /dev/rsd?a to format the root. Do newfs's on the remaining
	partitions depending on your setup. Reboot in to ADOS, do the
	loadbsd with a -b and this time put in the disk with tar at the root
	device prompt. Do a sbin/mount /dev/rsd?a /mnt to mount
	root, ? is your drive ID. cd /mnt and then do a tar xvf /dev/rst0
	to extract root. If you put /usr on the tape after root then use
	/dev/nrst0 and undo usr after root. You might have
	to do a bin/mkdir usr and sbin/mount /dev/sd?d /mnt/usr
	if you have a seperate /usr partition.

	It's left as an excersize to the reader to get stuff on to the
	tape somehow.

	The above is a rough outline for people who already know what
	the fork() they are doing. If you screw up your system don't blame me!

	Good luck playing with boot floppys!