Subject: Building from scratch -- What's the order?
To: None <>
From: Arthur Hoffmann <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/08/1994 12:47:51
I just cleaned up my Hard disk partitions and I think I might have
enough space to compile a new system. 
What are the exact steps to get it going? I do have most of the
sources sup'd (gnu is missing, except ld, libg++ and libmalloc),
also crypt is missing (export control rules :( ).
Do I need the gcc sources? If yes, are pathces for NetBSD-Amiga
The kernel buils fine, and starts up as well, but then I'm stuck, fsck
/dev/rsd** cannot SEEK: BLK 16
unconsistent inconsistency run fsck manually.
It does this to all my partitions.
Also I do get the problems, that's why I wish to build a new system.
Thanks for your help.


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