Subject: June 06 Kernel Successes and Failures
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/07/1994 10:57:43

First off, that should have been June 04.  I almost had
a clean compile except for two things.
1)  RETINACONSOLE was not defined for a clean compile of grf_rt.c
2)  I had to copy the includes from compile/m68k to libkern/m68k
    for libkern to compile.  Also strcat was including string.h and
    mine wouldn't compile until I removed it, it didn't need it anyway.

The kernel loaded and booted fine except that I had to have a floppy
in the drive (fix has been posted by someone) and I had no Retina
console.  I had to switch over to Native Amiga video to see what had
happened.  It seems the board configured alright but I think a flag
needs to be set to make the Retina console the default.  How do I do
do this?

A few of the older binaries from April 17 worked but most would return
with a cannot load, but I think an earlier message mentioned
that the syscalls.maser file could be temporarily changed to fix