Subject: Floppy hang on boot; workaround
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/06/1994 20:50:55
	For those with floppy drives that are experiencing a hang on
	boot of a recent -current kernel try the following:

	Before running loadbsd put a disk in the floppy drive and let
	ADOS put up an icon for it.

	It appears that if ADOS initializes the disk beforehand the
	floppy init code in NetBSD won't hang. If I don't put the
	disk in before hand I get a hard hang between the
	first call to fdsetpos() and the second. The kernel debugger
	can't be entered from the keyboard sequence so it's a pretty
	hard lockup. I have to use the three fingee salute to bail out
	of it. B^(. Now that I have the previous fix I posted in for
	enabling the superkick ROM at least I don't have to power cycle the
	damn machine!

	I'm going to work on the Ethernet driver now that I have these
	two problems licked/delt with. I'll leave the floppy weirdness
	to somebody elses prodding.

	Oh, the code now recognises my floppy as a high density one too,
	with the old driver and previous to finding the workaround it
	thought it was a normal unit. Before finding the work around
	I would boot the May 30 kernel, then /dev/reload the June 5th. Both
	would ID the drive as a normal 3.5". Now, when I put in a floppy
	under ADOS it Id's it properly on boot of the June 5 kernel, the
	May 30 still doesn't get it right though.

	Enough rambling, thar's kernel hacking to be done!