Subject: Re: New kernel options, etc.
To: None <rigel!!amiga-dev>
From: Ethan Dicks <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/06/1994 18:15:03
:	I agree with Ty, let's keep the RDB way of doing things. This is an AMIGA
:	damn it! Not so piece of $%^^%$# Sun 3!!!!! Personally, I think we have
:	ALOT more important things to worry about in the AMIGA port that Sun 3
:	garbage. Let's get all the Amiga hardware/drivers/features done first,
:	THEN worry about Sun 3, SVR4 and whatever else emulation we want to track
:	and implement.
:	Back to my porting hole I go...

I, for one, would like to put in a plug for the importance for Sun 3
compatibility.  My primary UNIX machine is a Sparc1 (my A3000 only runs
AmigaDOS right now).  I would like to be able to build Sun4 and Sun3 binaries
and continue to use the Sparc1 as an NFS server.  I am not as concerned about
Sun 3 disk mountability.

While we are on the topic of RDB, is the problem that people do not have
access to a breakdown of the RDB structures?  If so, then I can probably
post a map of the elements of RDB. 


BTW, since nobody out there knows who the hell I am nor why I'm on this list,
I'll explain...

As some of you have probably heard, my company, Software Results Enterprises,
has just purchased the manufacturing rights to David Salamon's GoldenGate II
card and are marketing it under the name GG2 Bus+.  We are not shipping just
yet, but the PCBs are in and the first sample has rolled off of the line.  We
are waiting for the remainder of the parts to arrive before production gets
into full swing.  The reason why I subscribed to this mailing list in the first
place is to get a feel for the status of NetBSD and to be in a position to
provide drivers for IBM hardware on the GG2.  Right now, there are drivers
under AmigaDOS for COM1-COM4 serial, LPT1-LPT3 parallel, IDE and Ethernet.
With the complete lack of A2065 cards out there, I would expect that network
drivers would be the most important.  Would anyone care to let me know what
people really want?  If so, send mail to me at <>
rather than this list, so that people who don't care, don't have to read about