Subject: Mystery areas in 3000's memory map; more magic switch
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/06/1994 14:18:28
	OK, any floating A3000 guru's out there that know what lurks in the
	heart of the 3000? B^).

	The Amix kernel makes reference to bit 7 of 0xde0002 for "more magic". I seem
	to remember the old AMIX people mentioning the A3000 had a software bit
	somewhere that electrically switched off the ROMS. The bit was immune to everything
	except powering off the machine and hardware reset, not the Control-A-A reset
	but a real, honest to CPU hardware reset.

	So, is de0002 bit 7 the magic bit to get 3000's to reboot properly?

	Also, what's the poop on the area labled as "memory mapped clock" in the 3000
	memory map?

	Anybody know where to get a complete listing of the area between de0000-deffff
	for the 3000? It's labeled as motherboard stuff on the 3000, I'm curious as
	to what else might lay in that range that we might need.

	I tried putting bset #7,0x0de0002 in the reset code on the 5 June kernel but
	the Control-A-A code doesn't appear to go through there. B^(. A normal
	reboot command appears to execute the reset instruction but for panics and
	hangs I still have to powercycle the 3000 to get the superkick ROM back, i.e.
	be able to boot again. B^(.