Subject: Re: New kernel options, etc.
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/06/1994 09:34:00
> What would the advantage be? Compatibility with Sun labels wouldn't
> really be made easier, and it's much less flexible as Olaf says:
> > As long as it is possible to have multiple of these bsd partitions
> > per disk. I would find it unnecessarily limiting to have all my bsd
> > file systems next to each other.
> Also, it would be harder to mount BSD partitions from AmigaOS then.
> The Amiga has a nice partitioning schmeme, I think we should keep using it.
> If we want to add support for Sun disklabels, we can do it without
> changing that.
	I agree with Ty, let's keep the RDB way of doing things. This is an AMIGA
	damn it! Not so piece of $%^^%$# Sun 3!!!!! Personally, I think we have
	ALOT more important things to worry about in the AMIGA port that Sun 3
	garbage. Let's get all the Amiga hardware/drivers/features done first,
	THEN worry about Sun 3, SVR4 and whatever else emulation we want to track
	and implement.

	Back to my porting hole I go...