Subject: function documentation
To: None <>
From: William J Coldwell <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/05/1994 13:13:06
I went perusing through the amiga specific sources, and I'm a little bit  
disappointed at the source code documentation.  Now granted, on projects that  
I work alone on, I tend to avoid documenting functions out of laziness.  On  
group projects though, I do document.  So please don't think that I'm taking  
on a holier-than-thou attitude about it, as I'm not. I'm just looking at  
routines that I have no idea who calls them, if they are even used, and what  
some of them even really do.  Granted, I'm not looking for a novella, but  
please, take a second to document stuff for those who have to pick up after  

 William J. Coldwell - - Cryogenic Software