Subject: Re: changes
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/05/1994 11:01:00
> > On Jun 4, 10:34pm, Chris Hopps wrote:
> > > I am basically waiting for ufs to be updated before I create any
> > > new snapshot.  It would be semi-silly to do a rootfs and bin's
> > > and kernel right before ufs changes. (I need to make some changes
> > > to adosfs after the new ufs is incorporated too)
> > 
> >  *sigh* When is this due? Can't an old ufs formatted drive be re-formatted
> > with fsck (or was it newfs) ?
> Of course it could be re-formatted, but what good would this be good
> for? You'd have to install everything from scratch afterwards. I think
> it's better to wait for the changes.
	It would be good for the fact that we've all been spinning our wheels
	for almost a month waiting for the new librarys and syscall setup
	to be released so various programs can be recompiled with new
	librarys. I would guess that the UFS changes won't effect the
	C library and syscalls. How many more weeks are we going to waste
	waiting for something to come along that we can recompile programs
	I say lets use this time to get old programs recompiled,
	X, gcc 2.5.8, etc. When the UFS changes come along we'll have
	to redo the setup but at least we will have redone things that
	CAN be redone without dependancys on low level UFS changes.

	I'll get off the soap box now,