Subject: Re: changes *read*
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/03/1994 16:09:43
On Jun  3,  2:58pm, Donn Cave wrote:
> |   Then there's also the possibility of a floppy file system that can be
> | used to boot with.  I've created two floppy file systems - one with newfs
> | and fsck, and the other with tar and gzip.  I was able to boot using the
> | first floppy and ran newfs on the hard disk root partition, then booted
> | with the second floppy and used tar to transfer the rootfs from a temp
> | partition to the real root.  It would also be possible to have the rootfs
> | tar on floppies.
> Is it simple to create these floppies from the AmigaDOS side, I mean can
> you simply copy the image to the disk?  Could the same bootstrap
> distribution be alternatively copied to floppies or to a swap partition,
> whatever's convenient?

  I've been using dcp to copy a tar image from a floppy to AmigaDOS (to
transfer kernels from my A4000 development system to my A2000 for
testing). Dcp should work just fine for going the other way.  The flat
file system handler could also be used, or we could just write a simple
standalone program to do the copy.  For dcp to work, I created an fd0:
device for bffs, and dcp uses that mountlist information to access the
floppy as a raw device.  I suspect that the filetodev program (can't
remember if that's the name - I never used it) would probably also work.

  I would think copying the floppy file system to a hard disk partition
should also work.


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