Subject: sbic_wait TIMEO
To: None <>
From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/03/1994 19:06:34
(please forgive if you have already seen this on the "amiga"-list
 but I simply cannot get this to work and it troubles me badly...)

My original whining on Sat May 14 12:57:37 +0300 1994 was:
My NetBSD harddisk is an IBM OEM 0663E15, rev 5 51, 1.2 GB SCSI-2 disk.
I have had timeout problems with it using vmunix.720 and vmunix.730, but
now I tried to use vmunix.744 and the thing simply does not work at all...
"at all" here defined to be "not working 6 times in a row".

0)      My machine: A3000 with ADOS 2.05, 8+2 MB, QUANTUM PD125 + the IBM disk
1)      I have to "binpatch -s _inhibit_sync -b -r 0 vmunix" (SCSI id 0)
        otherwise the disk won't even budge.
2)      The timeout: even the 720 and the 730 have had trouble like this:

dma0: A3000 32bit DMA
scsi0: scsi id 7
a3000scsi0 [1/1]
scsi0: target 0 now asynchronous, period=208ns, offset=12
sbic_wait TIMEO @1210 with asr=x0 csr=x41

        and then the sd6 (my standard A3000 system disk) is found.
        As the NetBSD is only on the IBM, "no suitable root".

        With the 720 and 730 I manage to loadbsd about half the time,
        the other half I get bitten by this timeout.

        But with the 744, I simply cannot get past this timeout.

        Is there a way to binpatch this timeout somehow?

        The IBM disk is quite new technology (about half a year)
        but many of its big brothers (0664) are working quite happily
        at my work attached to UNIX boxen.  AND it seems to work
	with AmigaDOS with no trouble at all.  (well, the first two
	hundred megabytes of it, at least...)

Stephen Roznowski advised me to try newer kernels.  Here are the results:
netbsd  a3000   0427    locks up after the "scsi0: target 0 now async..." *)
netbsd  generic -"-     1/2 time the aforementioned timeout,
                        1/2 time it gets past this but then hits swfree panic
netbsd  a3000   0413    locks up
netbsd  generic -"-     1/2 the time timeout, 1/2 the time boots ok
vmunix  generic 0325    -"-
vmunix  generic 0305    -"-

The A3000-kernels lock up, the generic ones stutter between timeout
and a succesful boot.   What next?

*) after waiting for 1 minute, I got bored and interrupted the test :-)
   Repeated attempts bring no solace.


"Still using 730, Welcome to the Stone Age"