Subject: clib,, other-things
To: None <>
From: Charles Ewen MacMillan <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/01/1994 14:16:33
 I do not post here too much, because at the moment, my system is a sort 
of Frankenstein.

 However, I was building something the other day, and discovered that 
there is no "lockf" call in the libc, or There is however an 
include file for it in /usr/include/ufs.

 I am used to using lockf, because it is part of the shlib in SunOS4.1.3.

 Can anyone tell me "where" any source code for the actual function 
exists so that I may start building a library of some of this stuff? Or 
is it in fact a SysV or POSIX88 thing?

 My thanks to anyone who can help.

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