Subject: X11R5 recompile for 30 May or later
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/01/1994 11:04:48
	Who did the most recent compile of X11R5, i.e. that fantastic
	Xamiga+Retina server that handled views and such? Is the full
	source available somewhere or will that person be updating to a
	30 May or later sup?

	Due to the mmap and sysctl syscalls being swapped the x clients no
	longer work. B^(. You could swap them around and rebuild everything but
	that is a kludge and makes us incompatable with other m68k NetBSD
	arch's like sun3... The real solution is to recompile the whole X11R5
	tree again. I'd be willing to do it if I had the sources...

	Also, who compiled the xmosaic program on the old bin tree? That is
	what I'll miss most. Can somebody recompile that to work with
	the new kernels or will I have to binary edit the trap calls for
	mmap? Yeeeeeeeeeech!