Subject: Re: Sup 30 May experiences; mostly works!
To: None <,>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/31/1994 10:01:25
On May 31,  8:21am, wrote:
> 	Howdy, I'm just finishing up compiling the whole smash from
> 	a 30 May sup. It appears to be in working order except for the
> 	following:
> 	1: ite.c, par.c and adosfs/adlookup.c all use the MIN() macro,
> 	   this should be changed to use the lower case min() function.
> 	   Additionally, ite.c also uses the MAX() macro, this should be
> 	   changed to the max() function.

  Chris knows about these already - he thought he had fixed them before.

> 	2: On boot, you HAVE to have a floppy in the drive or the boot
> 	   will stall. Additionally, my 1.76M floppy registers as 0
> 	   rather than the AAAAAAA type so the driver doesn't register it
> 	   as a 3.5hd" floppy unit.

  Did you put a HD or DD disk in the drive?  The ID is based on the type
of disk in the drive when it boots.  If I have a HD disk in the floppy on
my A4000, it is recognized as 3.5hd.  I haven't tried booting without a
floppy in the drive (the drive is a handy place to keep the floppy I've
been using to transfer the kernel from one system to the other).