Subject: Sup 30 May experiences; mostly works!
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/31/1994 08:21:11
	Howdy, I'm just finishing up compiling the whole smash from
	a 30 May sup. It appears to be in working order except for the

	1: ite.c, par.c and adosfs/adlookup.c all use the MIN() macro,
	   this should be changed to use the lower case min() function.
	   Additionally, ite.c also uses the MAX() macro, this should be
	   changed to the max() function.
	2: On boot, you HAVE to have a floppy in the drive or the boot
	   will stall. Additionally, my 1.76M floppy registers as 0
	   rather than the AAAAAAA type so the driver doesn't register it
	   as a 3.5hd" floppy unit.

	3: In the C library, the makefile can't seem to find the cat*.3
	   man pages in the nls directory, I manually copyed them up a
	   level and that seemed to satisfy it.

	4: On Superkick 3000's you still lose the boot ROM's unless you
	   do the reboot command; i.e. panics and reboot-without-sync (
	   For fsck problems on root) still require a power cycle to get
	   back the machine. B^(. Looks like I'll have to weed out the
	   more magic bits involved with the SuperKick boot ROM. B^(.

	   Other than that, things appear to be compiling and installing

	   Thanks for all the work on converting to Chris! It
	   was worth the grief!