Subject: Re: SIOCSARP
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/30/1994 19:38:45
On May 29,  1:51pm, Markus Illenseer wrote:
>  Building entire new tree with supped sources from yesterday
> yielded into some small problems.
>  It seems  that libexec/bootpd/hwaddr.c requires
> a define named 'SIOCSARP' which is not defined anywhere
> in the new includes anymore. It was previously found
> in either /sys/ioctl.h or sys/sockio.h.
>  Same applies for usr/sbin/pppd.
>  I think this is due to recent kernel changes and thought i report this,
> but i have no idea to hom to report this really...

  That appears to have been fixed in today's sources (May 30).  I think
the -current sources hadn't gotten updated between May 26 and May 30.
I was able to compile pppd by commenting out the code that referenced
SIOPCSARP and was able to get it to run [I'm connected via ppp right
now].  I haven't verified today's sources yet - I just finished
compiling the libraries and most binaries, but haven't installed them

  I did get an error trying to build kdump - it has an include of
"/sys/kern/syscalls.h".  It would appear that it is supposed to
be including the system calls names, but it's using an absolute
path.  If /sys is supposed to be the the kernel source tree, that
would make it a bit messy on my system.  I've been running with
several kernel source trees lately :-).

>  Another grief. How does one set up a new config for the kernel using 
> an old kernel and unable to run the new config binary ? :-)

  I would think you should be able to build /sbin/ using the
old kernel.