Subject: Re: help with A3000
To: Markus Illenseer <, markus@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
From: Markus Illenseer <markus@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/26/1994 17:12:34
On May 26,  9:50am, wrote:
> 	There are much more important things to deal with at this time
> 	than that, how about we table this idea till after the kernel
> 	is stable and we can do straight floppy boots without the need
> 	for loadbsd? In the process of doing this we might solve the
> 	config problem anyways.

 Yes, of course - the topic just popped up...

> 	For now, we still have fundemental stability problems with the
> 	new config method and 3000's also need some work since I appear
> 	to be the only heavy with a 3000, Mike and Chris have other models.

 I think i will have some time tonight and will get the latest kernel
sources and try it on my A3000.

Markus Illenseer