Subject: Re: help with A3000
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/23/1994 09:52:49
>  > > The machine in question (coredump) is mine.  Thorpej and I are trying to 
>  > > get NetBSD running on it.  I have tried all of the kernels from 
>  > > with varying success.  All the kernels (with the exception 
>  > > of 744.a3000) boot, run for a few moments, and then just hang.
>  > > vmunix.744.a3000 hangs with a 'no suitable root' - odd, since the others 
>  > > mount BSDR just fine...
>  > 

	The new kernels, post switchover, will hurl on harddrives
	that secpercyl != ntracks * nheads in the SCSI inquiry. My
	Seagate 1G is like that and I had to modify disksubr.c to use
	the value in the rdb rather than ntracks * nheads when the
	two values weren't equal.

	I'll try to get the changes to chopps as soon as I can figure out
	how to get them off the disk; no working floppy driver and the
	networking stuff is shakey...

	Looks like there's been gobs of m68k changes to both m68k/hp300
	tree so it will probably be a while before the amiga tree is
	stable enough to compile again... B^(. I did get the le driver to
	config but the vendor ID part of the ether address doesn't
	grab, it's all zeros for some reason... Maybe it knows about C=?
	It is a C= ethernet board afterall... Nahhh, I'm just being
	paranoid... B^).