Subject: Re: Serial problems
To: None <>
From: Zik Saleeba <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/18/1994 13:23:40
Rob Healey, a man whose name _I_ never forgot said:
> 	new system. The original driver was whipped up by a gentleman
> 	down under who's name I forget; sorry. The problem is it
> 	needs the AmigaUNIX download code for the CPU on the 2232 card.
> 	If somebody can rewrite the 6502 2232 CPU code then we can
> 	release the whole smash unencumbered.

Actually I've been thinking of messing with this driver again since
the existing 6502 code doesn't handle flow control on input. Would you
believe that NetBSD's tty device rint() routine is so slow that a
19baud upload can get ahead of it (at least when the system's heavily
loaded with ten or so users).

> 	The 2232 has none of the problems of lock up and works at 115K,
> 	19K and below just fine. It doesn't do dialin/dialout locking
> 	right tho. B^(.

Maybe I'l take a look at this too. The other thing it never handled
right was software flow control. I never needed this for my modem bank
so it never got done :-)

> 	If you have AmigaUNIX to snarf the 6502 code for the 2232 board
> 	I can package up the rest of the driver when I finish porting
> 	it to the new config method. Obviously the code won't be accepted

Does anyone have any pointers on the new config method? I guess I'll
work with the old method for now though, since the only kernel I've got
that compiles and runs nicely is an ancient December version.

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