Subject: Re: root and partition labeling
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/17/1994 16:49:28
> And since I have precisely this configuration, I am not happy with the 
> new partitioning scheme.  Rob Healy stated his opinion that root 
> partitions should be identified with boot priority.  Although this idea 
> has merit, I also like to be able to mount my backup root partition to 
> copy my primary root partition onto it.  How would I be able to do this 
> with two BSDR (or BS/? or UNI/1 or whatever) partitions distinguished 
> only by boot priority?
	The new scheme assigns partitions in order. After root was assigned
	the others would be assigned partitions in order. While this will
	differ from setup to setup a quick run of disklabel should
	reveal which is which. You could mount the other "root" filesystem
	using whatever device it corresponds too.

	Actually, to be purist there should be NO difference between one UFS
	file system or another. The priority should decided who gets grand
	pooba status, not some label you have to go futtsing with, I find that
	so damn annoying...

	With 3.x you can ditz with the boot prioritys from the boot
	menu so if done properly, you don't have to run hdtoolbox to
	change who is root and who is not. I find this annoying in
	the extreme that you have to run hdtoolbox to deal with this sort
	of thing.

	While some people might dislike having to run disklabel once
	to figure out what partition is what, it doesn't seem like too
	much to ask or any more confusing than messing with extended options
	in hdtoolbox... Once NetBSD has standalone boot it will be immensly
	annoying to have to boot in to ados to futts with stuff when the
	boot menu or an rdb program under NetBSD should be able to accomplish
	the task.