Subject: Re: Serial problems
To: Max Leung <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/17/1994 15:34:36
> Well, I have a C= A2232 multiport serial card (8 serial ports), but no 
> NetBSD driver for it. :-(
	I will be converting the old 2232 driver to the new config
	method in a week or so after I get some experience with the
	new system. The original driver was whipped up by a gentleman
	down under who's name I forget; sorry. The problem is it
	needs the AmigaUNIX download code for the CPU on the 2232 card.

	If somebody can rewrite the 6502 2232 CPU code then we can
	release the whole smash unencumbered.

	The 2232 has none of the problems of lock up and works at 115K,
	19K and below just fine. It doesn't do dialin/dialout locking
	right tho. B^(.

	If you have AmigaUNIX to snarf the 6502 code for the 2232 board
	I can package up the rest of the driver when I finish porting
	it to the new config method. Obviously the code won't be accepted
	by the BSD team till the 6502 code is rewritten. B^(.