Subject: Re: A3000 SCSI problems
To: Greg Oster <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/17/1994 14:50:32
> Why is has this changed?  Does it make it easier to do something on
> the NetBSD side?  I don't see any gain here, only discomfort...
> In particular, if you have a configuration like:
> BSDR - root1
> BSDS - swap
> BSDH - root2
> BSDE - /usr
> BSDF - /home
> ...
> You now won't be able to swap root1 with root2 (i.e. rename the
> partitions under AmigaDOS to BSDH, BSDS, BSDR, ...)  to boot from an
> alternate root without a) putting root2 at the end of your drive and
> hacking /etc/fstab to flipflop amongst BSDE, BSDF, etc. and never
> really know where the heck anything is, or b) making BSDE the name of
> the second root partition.  Neither of these are very desirable
> options for me...
	In my ever so humble/obnoxious opinion the PROPER way to
	switch root's should be to use the priority field in the

	Both setups are braindead in this respect currently. Hopefully
	the newer scheme can be corrected to use the priority field
	and the proper file system whatever we end up calling it.

	It's a pretty bad situation that we are using partition names to
	do this sort of thing when RDB offers us the CORRECT way to do
	it with little/no cost.