Subject: Re: A3000 SCSI problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/17/1994 12:29:40
> Ok, I might not exactly be Joe User when it comes to setting up different 
> partitions to test different configurations, but believe me, it came in
> very handy.. One trick a lot of users certainly used was to swap the root
> partition on the fly, I hope you at least kept that feature?
	If we did this the RIGHT way then we SHOULD use the partition
	priority in the RDB record, after all, THAT'S WHAT IT'S THERE FOR!

	i.e. have loadbsd or the bootsector loader scan the rdb for the
	highest priority UNI\1, BSDR or whatever we end up calling it.

> > Thats not braindead?  AmigaDos types for AmigaDos specify the file system
> > type and not the order of configuration and now thats how they work 
> > for NetBSD.
> The reason why I implemented things my way were based on my experiences
> with Amiga Unix, mapping first found partition to ...s1, second to ...s2,
> etc, with the VERY annoying problem that this put you under the dictate of
> the person who configured the kernel for how many partitions it would
> recognize. Of course, on my first attempt, I had Unix partitions start
> at partition #8, and Unix knew only about 7 partitions... I already have
> partition overflow with the (my..:-))current kernel of 16 partitions, and
> I'm glad I can at least force BSD to use whatever partitions I want it to,
> and whereever they might be on my disk. Filesystem was a secondary issue, there
> was only ufs :-)
	Well, as a fellow elderly fart who toiled and labored under AmigaUNIX
	I'd like to clearify some things and point out the the AMIX boot
	BS made the above necessary but with NetBSD we can do it THE RIGHT

	AMIX was braindead in it's boot in that it used a seperate boot
	partition from root in order to allow booting from s5 or ufs
	filesystems, i.e. s5 doesn't have the 8k free area at the front of
	the filesystem like ufs does for a bootstrap loader. If only UFS was
	allowed then they could have put the bootstrap in the 8k on the
	front of root and just use the RDB priority to decide who was
	the root filesystem.

	With NetBSD we can "DO THE RIGHT THING(tm)". We can put the direct
	bootstrap stage 1 in the 8k area on the front of the root filesystem
	and then use the rdb priority scheme + bootstrap smarts to
	"do the right thing"!

> Well, first of all, thanks:-) Lets make the above statement clearer.
> NetBSD has taken a course which I don't like in some parts. This is
> pretty personal, and I explained some dislikes when they were added
> (hello, 64bit..).  I'll continue to work on my system, work on device
> drivers in which I have personal interest (just as always:-)), but
> I'll not work with 'off-the-shelve' NetBSD-current any longer. I'll
> from time to time incorporate what I like though. Since this is going to be
> real work, updating my system will certainly take time. For now, I'm happy
> with a perfectly running system, and don't feel very motivated to change that
> status...
> So, I'm glad that you Chris continue to keep in touch with the main
> NetBSD line. I myself was always pretty lazy incorporating other
> sources:-)) For those that want a `real' NetBSD on their amiga, that's
> the optimal sollution!
	True. It would be nice to have you along for the ride tho. But, I
	suppose you'll keep the rest of us on our toes with new features
	found only in MWBSD. B^).

	I assume you'll still be lurking on the list to interject new ideas
	and opinions yes?

	I would like to take this opportunity to give a virtual brew and
	pat on the back for all the work you've done for first the AmigaUNIX
	community, libbsd and such, the AmigaDOS community, (gcc, ixemul.library
	and such) and the NetBSD community (initial Amiga port and SUNOS
	emulation) . You've given us all good platforms to start on our various
	journeys. Thanks!
	I'm sure we will be keeping a close watch out for your future capers.

	Who knows, maybe when the 4.4 stuff is fully integrated, Amiga NetBSD
	will tweek your interest once again!