Subject: Re: A3000 SCSI problems
To: None <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/17/1994 13:26:38
> partition on the fly, I hope you at least kept that feature?

Yes. NBR\fs NBS\1 and NBU\fs

> The reason why I implemented things my way were based on my experiences
> with Amiga Unix, mapping first found partition to ...s1, second to ...s2,
> etc, with the VERY annoying problem that this put you under the dictate of
> the person who configured the kernel for how many partitions it would
> recognize. Of course, on my first attempt, I had Unix partitions start
> at partition #8, and Unix knew only about 7 partitions... I already have
> partition overflow with the (my..:-))current kernel of 16 partitions, and
> I'm glad I can at least force BSD to use whatever partitions I want it to,
> and whereever they might be on my disk. Filesystem was a secondary issue, there
> was only ufs :-)

Well I am unsure of you current setup, however under mine you can have up to
13 partitions plus root and swap.  It matters not what file system type
they are.  If you have 13 BSD file systems that will work if you have 3
ados and 10 bsd that works too.  neither of those situations was covered
by the older system which limited bsd file systems to 5 plus root and swap.