Subject: Re: A3000 SCSI problems
To: Chris Hopps <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/17/1994 19:05:14
> What is the purpose of switching user partitions?  I asked myself this
> when I first changed it and I came up with no good answer.  Furthermore

Ok, I might not exactly be Joe User when it comes to setting up different 
partitions to test different configurations, but believe me, it came in
very handy.. One trick a lot of users certainly used was to swap the root
partition on the fly, I hope you at least kept that feature?

> your old system was far more broken in that it did not allow the user 
> to specify the file system type I seem to remeber a line of source:
> 	->p_fstype = FS_BSDFFS;		/* XXX */

Eh, right:-) 

> Thats not braindead?  AmigaDos types for AmigaDos specify the file system
> type and not the order of configuration and now thats how they work 
> for NetBSD.

The reason why I implemented things my way were based on my experiences
with Amiga Unix, mapping first found partition to ...s1, second to ...s2,
etc, with the VERY annoying problem that this put you under the dictate of
the person who configured the kernel for how many partitions it would
recognize. Of course, on my first attempt, I had Unix partitions start
at partition #8, and Unix knew only about 7 partitions... I already have
partition overflow with the (my..:-))current kernel of 16 partitions, and
I'm glad I can at least force BSD to use whatever partitions I want it to,
and whereever they might be on my disk. Filesystem was a secondary issue, there
was only ufs :-)

> > Guess I'll really freeze my own NetBSD core sources now...
> I think you would be doing a real diservice to all amiga owners if you
> do something like this Markus.  Do you really want to remove yourself 
> from NetBSD over small things like this?  I wouldn't like to lose you.

Well, first of all, thanks:-) Lets make the above statement clearer.
NetBSD has taken a course which I don't like in some parts. This is
pretty personal, and I explained some dislikes when they were added
(hello, 64bit..).  I'll continue to work on my system, work on device
drivers in which I have personal interest (just as always:-)), but
I'll not work with 'off-the-shelve' NetBSD-current any longer. I'll
from time to time incorporate what I like though. Since this is going to be
real work, updating my system will certainly take time. For now, I'm happy
with a perfectly running system, and don't feel very motivated to change that

So, I'm glad that you Chris continue to keep in touch with the main
NetBSD line. I myself was always pretty lazy incorporating other
sources:-)) For those that want a `real' NetBSD on their amiga, that's
the optimal sollution!

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