Subject: Re: Wrong Machine identification
To: Arthur Hoffmann <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/16/1994 09:56:40
On May 16, 11:38pm, Arthur Hoffmann wrote:
> Does that come up using the Amiga's shell program 'resident'? That is
> what I understood Michael wanted me to use to test it. I know that
> there is an A3000 bonus thing and some other strange A3000 related
> tasks (eg. battmem.device or something) because it comes up somewhere when
> using ARTM.

  No - the Amiga's shell program "resident" command only deals with AmigaOS
commands.  The resident modules I am referring to are modules detected at
boot time that are resident - most of them will be from the Kickstart ROM,
but some may be present from RAM via the KickMemPtr data.  I need to know
what the exact text for the A3000 Bonus module is (loadbsd is currently
looking for "A3000 Bonus" and apparently is not finding it).


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