Subject: Serial device and others...
To: Net NetBSD-Amiga <>
From: Eric Augustine <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/11/1994 11:10:54

	I am having trouble downloading material to my machine via 
kermit.  Seems when I get to the receive part, kermit exits.  I
remember there being some mention of serial device problems a 
while ago but, unfortunately there's been a system error between
then and now and what mail I had saved on that subject has been
	Also, does anyone out there have a 744 kernel compiled
with the floppy driver.  I have been trying to compile the
sources from 26April with no luck... some sort of mixup in the
configuring files - all I'd really like to get going is the 
serial transfers and the floppy driver... 

I'm using:

A3000/25 with 68882, ECS, 8Megs Fast, 1Meg Chip
Maxtor 7120SCS (address 6) Quantum PD210S (address 5)
Kernel #744, with #720 Binaries and GCC2.5.6

Thanks much for the help...

 - Eric.