Subject: New changes
To: None <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/08/1994 03:30:15
Lots and lots of things are happening right now.

For the past week or so I have been converting the amiga source
over to and the /sys/scsi system not a small thing 

Then suddenly all the kernel and binaries start to change relating
to new cool things outside of amiga's

So I have commited my personal tree to avoid going insane tracking 
them both.

As a result I can only guarentee that the gvp series 2 driver works
I have high expectations that the A3000 and A091 will also work
hoever I have no hardware to test them.

The things that remain for me to convert are the sci. drivers (5380)
and the 53710 siop.c drivers, along with the floppy and ethernet 

The current sup will not produce a compilable kernel becuase the rest
of the kernel is changing to quickly.  However my tree from yesterday is
what I am running currently. And it shouldn't take but a couple days to
catch up to the common source.

IDE soon too.

Hopefully I can pull a more recent lance ethernet driver from the sparc
tree now that we are using

Future things I want to work on.. Instalation and similar software.
However without another machine I don't know how much aI can do
it was scary enough booting the new scsi system on the same machine
that held a weeks worth of source.

I changed the dostypes used by NetBSD to something more usefull.. It 
remains backward compatable..

The new types are more similar to amigados 

'NBR\x', 'NBS\1', 'NBU\x', for root, swap, and user partitions respectively.
The 'x' is the file system type (swap should always be one)

The kernel now has a clean method of reading disklabels and in the not so
distant future will also write them (as RDB's)  Alowing saving of
file system parameters as well as configuration of HD's under NetBSD

back to work.