Subject: Boot loader testers wanted
To: NetBSD Amiga-Dev <>
From: Tero Manninen <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/07/1994 12:27:50
Hi there,

I have this boot loader in the point that it would need some tests in
different environments. I myself have A3000 w/ 18M ram, two scsi disk
drives and a tape. Kickstart is v36 and therefore I would like to see
v37 and newer kickstart testers too (I guess just minority of us have
v36 ?).

To use the boot loader you need:
- v36 or newer kickstart (this may change.. I can't test)
- 1M or more custom chips memory (just the way loadbsd does)
- scsi card & drive usable at boot time (and named as scsi.device)
  (of course you can compile your own version with different device)
- BFFS (BSD Fast File System file handler for AmigaDOS) for install
  (or some other way to move a file to your bsd root partition boot blocks)
- gcc 2.3.3 or newer if you want to compile your own version
  (I would like to know how this compiles and works with latest (2.5.8) gcc)
- some hacker attitude :-)

One thing.. I have only #744 kernel (the version before going to SUP)
and don't know if the loader works at all with newer kernels. I hear
that loadbsd has changed since then..

I would like to give current version of the boot loader (ufsboot) to a
handfull of people to test in the first phase and then release the
whole thing to public (with sources).