Subject: Re: Problems w/ 940329 SUP kernel
To: David Jones <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 05/01/1994 17:53:29
> A few problems with a kernel SUPed yesterday:
> - machdep.c makes a reference to arpintr, which is defined only if the
>   ethernet pseudo-device is enabled.  I run SLIP, and no Ethernet, so...
>   barf.
	This bit the x86 people, you need some ifdefs in machdep.c, maybe
	Chris can muck with this the next time he's in machdep.c?

> - I get "panic: swfree()" when I try to boot the new kernel.
	I saw this on a 12M 3000 but not on a 16M 3000, go figure...

	One VERY disturbing addition to this:

	fsck TRASHES filesystems when built under the 0429 sup code! I
	installed the new includes, remade the librarys and then made all.

	fsck keeps finding truncated inodes where there are none! Worse
	yet, the old fsck won't run under the 0429 kernel, I think cdg removed
	backward compatability starting with the 0429 sup. B^(.