Subject: Re: Recent problems.
To: None <!!unido!!>
From: Larry Barnhill <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/27/1994 22:22:06
:I have been seeing alot of problems recently regarding the bins on
:lamp.  Id like to make a few comments.


:I posteed recently in comp.unix.amiga asking for donation of a second
:machine and more storage space.  So far it has been the concencus that
:users will send money ($50-100) to me with a SASE so that I may return
:all of it if I do not gather enough for something usefull.  One thing I

     I didn't see this yet. I understand the problem.


:I don't feel bad about asking as I put alot of work into NetBSD and I
:have no job currently (which needs to change *real* fast.)
:Send me some mail if you have anything to donate or would like to talk
:about it. (repsone has been light so far perhaps 4 people I need 40 people
:at $100 for the system less for just adding more space and such)

       I'll send you $100, Postal Money Order, if you'll send me your
       address. It will take a week approx. as I'm in Europe. I'll send
       your address to my Daughter in the States and she'll send You
       a Money-Order, OK?
:Thanks to anyone who helps your really helping NetBSD amiga.

                         ( L. Barnhill )