Subject: Recent problems.
To: None <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/27/1994 01:58:14
I have been seeing alot of problems recently regarding the bins on
lamp.  Id like to make a few comments.

1) I have no way to test these I took steve's word that hetested
them as much as possible.  I doubt very much that he was getting
core dumps from any command run that was not statically

What that makes me think is that something is amiss in thetransfer
of the binaries from the tar files to the filesystem.

The best way to do things is to backup everything. then *delete*
all the directoriees your going to be replacing leaving of course
the ones like etc where you have configured you own stuff.

Make sure however that you do not delete binaries that you need to
install things.

2) You must be running the kernel that goes with the binary set.
Normally this is not an issue but lately major changes have taken 
place that don't allow mixing.. its all part of running current I gues.

If you installing new binaries on top of old binaries and running an older
kernel your going to get yourself in trouble as the new binaries want
the new kernel.

I imagine this may be causing most of the problems.

On a slightly related topic:

I posteed recently in comp.unix.amiga asking for donation of a second
machine and more storage space.  So far it has been the concencus that
users will send money ($50-100) to me with a SASE so that I may return
all of it if I do not gather enough for something usefull.  One thing I
need despretley is more HD space the only reason I do not build the
snapshots is becuase I simply have no space.  My sytem is configured to
run all static linked bins so I don't even have enough space to create
a snapshot of that.

I gave a bunch of reasons for the machine in my post so go see it if
your interested.  Mainly its for future support I have no 040 so I
cannot test that I have no AGA so I cannot write support or test for
that. I have no HD space so I cannot assit in keeping an X distribution
current with the rest of the system.  I currently run on a 22Mhz 030
with slow DMA so it takes a long time for things to happen  Like and 1
and 1/4 hours (takes about 15 minutes on an 040) for a kernel build
alone.  I have to test my changes on the same machine I develop on etc
etc. etc.

I don't feel bad about asking as I put alot of work into NetBSD and I
have no job currently (which needs to change *real* fast.)

Send me some mail if you have anything to donate or would like to talk
about it. (repsone has been light so far perhaps 4 people I need 40 people
at $100 for the system less for just adding more space and such)

Thanks to anyone who helps your really helping NetBSD amiga.