Subject: Re: mfs & swap problems.
To: Bill Squier <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/19/1994 08:59:46
> Most NetBSD implementations that I've seen simply include a line such
> as:
> /dev/sd1b               /tmp    mfs     rw      1       1
> in their /etc/fstab.  Is this incorrect for a system with only one
> swap partition?

It should be comethign like
/dev/sd6b     /tmp            mfs     rw,-s10240

you don't want to backup your mfs so the 1 1 is not needed and you don't
want the backing store for the fs to be you entire swap because then
where would the system find backing store for real memory?

> FYI, my system is a 33MHz '030/882 with 8M 32bit mem and a 30Mb swap
> partition, with mfs mounted on it via the line shown above.
try working with a 

/dev/sd6b     /tmp            mfs     rw,-s28672

that leaves 16M for swap and gives the rest to mfs.

> Bill Squier (