Subject: new sup server on
To: None <>
From: Andreas Heitmann <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/18/1994 10:21:30
Hi !

I just installed a sup-server on our ftp box

The server mirrors the releases ksrc-amiga, ksrc-common and src from
the current collection of sun-lamp.

The parameters for the supfile are:


Access to the server is provided for the default number of users (3 at
the same time). If the server runs stable we can raise the limit.

Remember that the server is still experimental. If you want me to
mirror other releases, please tell me.

In addition, sup binaries for IBM RS/6000 and HP/UX will soon be
provided on the server. I'm going to put them in the directory:


Have fun,

   Andreas Heitmann  (