Subject: Re: compiling latest suped kernel sources
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/18/1994 07:35:23
>>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur Hoffmann <> writes:

Arthur> Hi, I was trying to compile the latest suped kernel sources
Arthur> from 18.04.1994 and got the following error. Does anyone have
Arthur> any suggestions?

Yes, remove the lines that have the undefined references from
sys/arch/amiga/amiga/genassym.c.  The be prepared for more work,
I don't think Chris H has kept CGD's pace of changes in the vm
subsystem.  For example vm/queue.h is now sys/queue, queue_head_t
is no more, you've got to use the new macros in sys/queue.h and
I think vm/vm_statistics has gone (at least my last sup wiped it
out).  I'm working on these issues but my system's in a mess now
and I'm going to work so I can't provide diffs now.