Subject: Re: Yellow screen on reboot
To: Arthur Hoffmann <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/17/1994 09:19:50
> > I'm still getting a yellow screen when I try to reboot my 16Meg A3000.
> > This problem only started to occur when I upgraded from 8M to 16M.
> This is absoluteley normal for a 16M A3000. I noticed the problem when
> I ran ther very first NetBSD kernel, and it hasnt changed a bit since
> then.
> At least CTRL-LAmiga-RAmiga still works :).

I *think* the problem lies within the V36 bootrom, thinking that the 
loaded kickstart image is still present (which it of course is NOT), and
jumping into nevereverland thru the wrong reset-vector. The way to find
out about this would be to write a (perhaps simplistic, in the first go)
loadbsd that runs under V36, and then have BSD load from that old 1.4
kickstart (klick in the left upper corner in the V36 bootmenu, the 
one that allows selection of either kick 2.0 or 1.3). This is just an idea,
but I have some reason to believe into it... (oh, and I have the same problem

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