Subject: Kernel name change to netbsd
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/12/1994 10:10:36
	We seem to be the only port that still uses the vmunix moniker as
	opposed to /netbsd. Once you remove the bogus /sbin/kvm_mkdb and
	install a recent kvm_mkdb in /usr/sbin/kvm_mkdb, where it actually
	belongs, you should be able to rename the kernel to /netbsd without
	any problems. 

	Note: This is for -current only! The 6xx and 7xx setups probably
	      still have gobs of /vmunix dependancys in them.

	I figure with USL still on the warpath and going after the free
	UNIXi based on Net/2 no use having the u word anyplace obvious.
	Apparently USL is harassing the CD-ROM distributors in to halting
	sales of free UNIXi distributions until they are 100% 4.4lite based.