Subject: Re: Floppy driver (was: Re: This week's NetBSD/amiga changes)
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: Brad Pepers <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/11/1994 16:21:04
> There is one defined, I'm sure. Except that the drive id actually
> means '40 tracks' instead of '135 mm'. The id that says '90 mm'
> actually means '80 tracks'. Not all external drives seem to get this
> entirely right, though. One gotcha is that drives that can switch
> between 40 and 80 track modes only can be switched before a (re)boot
> of AmigaOS; at least on older versions of AmigaOS. (Newer versions
> with high-density support query the type on each disk change, and
> judging from the drive activity light more often as well)
> To find the 40-track id, look in the Amiga include files; I'm pretty
> sure it sits next to the 80-track id.

The ids are:
	00000000 = no drive
	55555555 = 5 1/4
	AAAAAAAA = 3 1/2 (HD)
	FFFFFFFF = 3 1/2

I think this on page 335 of the latest Hardware RKM (this is all from
memory - may be way off!)

> -Olaf.
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