Subject: Re: Latest kernel
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/11/1994 12:49:14
> I put in
> device fd0 at manufacturer 1 product 10
> and the kernel reports it when booting. Haven't tried any more though.
> I'm not quite sure why there are *two* builtin product codes for
> The latter seems to be the right one.
	At the risk of sounding snotty, the floppy driver wasn't done
	strictly by the formal book. Technically the driver should have
	two parts, one the floppy controller (PROD_BUILTIN_FLOPPY) and
	two the per drive code (PROD_BUILTIN_FLOP). The
	distinction is subtle... Look at the way a SCSI disk or tape
	is actually configured and you'll see what I'm taking about.

	After much fiddling I still can't get the driver to actually work
	and after comparing the NetBSD and AMIX floppy driver source I get the
	feeling the NetBSD floppy driver is a first cut and not the polished
	end product.

	It's a GREAT first cut! At least someone gave us a base from which
	to start! THANKS! Whomever you are. With that said, it still doesn't
	support HD floppy drives or MSDOS format drives. It also isn't in
	the normal controller/slave model of the NetBSD kernel. Plenty of
	things for some of us to contribute our efforts to!

	Now, if someone can contribute a first stab at an audio device we
	can really start hacking! There is some rudimentory support in
	the custom chip code but no device interface yet.

	Oh, anybody redone the 2232 serial card 6502 code so we can FINALLY
	put the 2232 driver in the source tree? Hmm, with C= in rought shape
	maybe we can buy the rights to the 6502 assembly code that came
	with AMIX. But who would one talk to at C= about this?