Subject: Re: Latest kernel
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/11/1994 12:14:22
On Apr 11,  1:37pm, Olaf Seibert wrote:
> "Eduardo E. Horvath" <> wrote:
> > On Sun, 10 Apr 1994, David Jones wrote:
> > > OK, let's see if I got this straight..
> >  
> > > 2. Should there be a floppy driver in what I'm sup'ing?  (Hopefully, the
> > > 	latest, if not greatest, sources.)
> > 
> > It's in there all right.  I'm just waiting for a config file with it 
> > enabled so I can test it out.
> I put in
> device fd0 at manufacturer 1 product 10
> and the kernel reports it when booting. Haven't tried any more though.
> I'm not quite sure why there are *two* builtin product codes for
> The latter seems to be the right one.

  I think the product 2 was put in originally in anticipation of having
floppy support, and was is set up as a controller (as opposed to a device).
So you would device the controller as "floppy0" and define the devices
connected to the controller (in the same manner as the scsi devices).
The current floppy suppport treats the floppy device differently (see
autoconf.c), so was given a different product code.

  I've been playing with the driver a bit, and have gotten it to read
fine, but I've had problems when writing to the floppy.  I've even built
a very minimal boot floppy and booted NetBSD a couple of times using the
floppy as the root file system.  I had to modify the delay() routine
since a 33Mhz 68040 runs a bit faster than the 68030 systems.


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