Subject: Re: Binary releases and 64 bit off_ty
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/06/1994 18:30:28
>>>>> "Rob" == rhealey  <> writes:

>> William J. Coldwell wrote: > resolved.  Does this sound
>> unreasonable?  I want to see the proliferation of > NetBSD-Amiga,
>> and I don't see this happening until we can at least give the >
>> illusion that we're not at each other's throats over "religious"
>> issues.
>> [ VISIONARY MODE ON ] Maybe I'm wrong, but my opinion is that
>> NetBSD-Amiga is kept alive (and has come to life) mainly by those
>> people that were interested in porting Mach and eventually The
>> Hurd.  Just as any work on AmigaMach has stopped in favour of
>> NetBSD, I think (not fear |{) that everybody that is working will
>> be satisfied with a NetBSD that is stable enough to port (or
>> develop for) Mach & The Hurd.  Religious issues or not, as work on
>> The Hurd is progressing more and more rapidly NetBSD-Amiga may
>> become nothing more than a tool faster than anyone can imagine at
>> this moment.  [ VISIONARY MODE OFF ]
Rob> 	Enter soapbox mode:

Rob> 	Why would anyone want to use a system from FSF? They have a
Rob> long track record of only going 90% or so of the way and the rest
Rob> is left as an excercise to the end user... They also would put a
Rob> much more restricted license on the use of the software. i.e. I
Rob> don't want any work I'm doing to be restricted in any way.

Rob> 	Mach and The Hurd are probably dead ends anyways. FSF has been
Rob> talking about the Hurd, or it's predicessors, for almost a decade
Rob> now and so far that's all it's been; talk. At least NetBSD is
Rob> here now and is going to be reasonably close to the industry
Rob> standard API's. Best of all I can use the code any way I choose
Rob> with no restrictions.

Rob> 	NetBSD will be more of a viable OS than Hurd will ever
Rob> be. Already many small companys are thinking of ports to it. I
Rob> have yet to hear any indications The Hurd will have any sort of
Rob> commercial support.

Rob> 	End soapbox mode:

Please, please, keep religion out of this group.  Although I have
strong opinions on this matter, I don't want to see a discussion here!
We could easily start another group for netbsd vs. mach/hurd or
any other OS if it's necessary.  However tech-discussions and technical
comparisions of OSs I'd think well can go here, but not religous