Subject: Re: Binary releases and 64 bit off_t
To: Chris Hopps <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/05/1994 00:17:10
> we cannot make sizeof(off_t) an option.  What a headache helping users that
> would be, not to mention what the kernel would look like when you finished 
> adding support for conditionally different sized paramter lists for syscalls.

Eh, it's a one-time decision before you build your kernel, after that,
sizeof(off_t) will give what it's supposed to, either 4 or 8. As for
syscalls, the table is generated automatically, shouldn't be too hard to
telling it to watch this option. Don't panic here, it's not something 
that is changing all over the place, and using "off_t" everwhere where
it's supposed to be used (you'll HAVE to watch for this anyway with 8 byte
off_t's) everything should continue to work just as well if you're 
saying off_t is 4 byte, not 8.

Never mind :-)

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