Subject: Re: Binary releases and 64 bit off_ty
To: None <>
From: William J Coldwell <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/04/1994 18:13:54
Two issues,  #1 off_ty,  #2 FPU default.

1) My stance on this is based on the fact that what we have works, and that  
adding something like this could change it.  Wait a sec, read on first, count  
to 10, breathe deep.  I want this marked as a base, and that this base is  
what we give out _until_ we get these other issues (stability, impact, etc)  
resolved.  Does this sound unreasonable?  I want to see the proliferation of  
NetBSD-Amiga, and I don't see this happening until we can at least give the  
illusion that we're not at each other's throats over "religious" issues.   
When we're still getting unexplained panics, and reliability problems, we're  
going to add in low level changes?  I'm all for Rambo hacking, but we need to  
make sure that the newbie user isn't a casualty of this.

2) Thinking that most every CPU with an MMU has an FPU, is not reasonable.   
Just to quote a few, Mega Midget Racers (25-33MHz 030, 881/2 option),  
Derringer (25-50MHz 030, 881/2 option), Twelve Gauge (33-50MHz 030, 881/2  
option), MBX1200 (25-50MHz 030, 881/2 option), a couple of the 50MHz German  
boards for the 3000 only has an 030.  They don't make a 50MHz MMUless 030, so  
that counts for a pretty large number of people capable of running  
NetBSD-Amiga, but not if the binaries require an FPU.  This spans  
1000s-3000s, since Commodore decided that the 4000/30 is a wussy little EC  
part.  There's the GVP boards for the 2000, though I can't recall if they  
offered the FPU as an option or not.  The 3000, and the 2500 machines  
(2620/2630) came with FPUs as default.  I can see no reason why someone with  
the adequate CPU, memory, and harddrive space shouldn't be allowed to run  
NetBSD on an A1000, just because they don't have an FPU.

 William J. Coldwell - - Cryogenic Software