Subject: Floppy driver
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/04/1994 16:46:28
	Has there been any progress on getting a mostly working floppy
	driver in to the main source tree? At least something would be
	better than what we have now.

	Additionally, anybody have the programming info on the RAMDAC
	used in the A2410 card? I have the 340x0 programming and reference
	guides thanks to TI generousity, and 50 minutes on the phone
	trying to convince them that I wasn't interested in their newest
	wiz-bang graphics controller that replaces the 340x0 line... It looks
	like a text display wouldn't be too bad but you'd have to write a
	full blown GM for graphics mode and that would add ~64k to the
	kernel; OUCH! More likely is you'd run an ioctl and squirt the
	code down to the board only when you needed it thus saving
	kernel memory for more important things. Can the RAMDAC support the
	16 bit deep bitblane capability of the 340x0? It would be cool to
	have a 64K color X server! Apparently the 340x0 can handle 1,2,4,8 and
	16 bits deep in the same number of read/write cycles so 64K mode might
	even be spunky!

	While I'm rambling, I was able to mount the NetBSD partitions under
	AmigaUNIX read only. Any idea if I will nuke the BSD file system if
	I mount them read/write and let AMIX scribble on them? Device nodes
	look bizarre due to the weird bit allocation for major/minor on
	SVR4 but everything else seems to be OK.

	Also, for those that might still be running AmigaUNIX. You can
	bump the number of supported partitions from 8 to 16 by editing
	/usr/sys/amiga/alien/sd.h and changing the sdpart macro mask from
	07 to 0xf. For prettyness sake you may want to edit the scsi printf's
	in sdpart.c and dd.c to change the partition field from %d to %x to
	keep the values 0-f in device names. I have 14 partitions on my
	disk to cover AmigaUNIX, ADOS and NetBSD. As far as device nodes go
	you can change in to /dev/{r}dsk/c?d1s? and rename them to c?d0s{8-f}.
	I think they originally intended to use the high bit for multiple
	drives on the same target but never got around to actually doing it.

	Finally, anybody working on a workable audio device? A mute Amiga is
	a sad Amiga... It needs to sing every once in a while! B^).