Subject: Re: Binary releases and 64 bit off_t
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/04/1994 22:18:58
> as an option, this is fine, as a default, i don't think that would be a good  
> idea.  growing the kernel size, plus making it slower, is not that good of a  
> "benefit".  since a lot of the machines that we want to eventually support do 
make 64bit an option, and i'm all for it. default should be no 64bit, agreed.
> not have an fpu, this would make it viciously slower (it's bad enough that  
> the current binaries are compiled for the fpu (to the best of my knowledge),  
> which i think shouldn't be since they are the default binaries, but that's my  
hm.. is there a full fpu-emulator available yet? i thought we're still running
in fpu-only mode, not?

> your own kernel and binaries what you want", but for the default stuff, it  
> should be small, fast, and not require a lot to get it going.  does this seem  
> too dictatorial?

hm, default == small also means not all available drivers are included. i'd
say, "small" is an attribute for custom made kernels, too. otherwise, ok.

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