Subject: missing files on sun-lamp?
To: None <>
From: Arthur Hoffmann <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/29/1994 12:55:43
I usually use sup to get kernel-src updates from sun-lamp. 
One of the options in my supfile is delete which deletes locally the
files that have been deleted on sun-lamp.
Well recently the file /usr/src/sys/arch/amiga/amiga/dlists.h was
removed from sun-lamp, so sup deleted it locally as well. For some
reason the file still seems to be needed because my make depend (and
make) complain about not knowing how to make dlists.h....
Any Idea where I can get a new copy of that file. 
The same happened  with a file in /usr/src/sbin/../..  (the name escapes
me at the moment.) Anyway I now removed the delete option from my sup


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