Subject: STYLE!
To: None <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/28/1994 20:53:37
NetBSD has a style guide for code.  Its called KNF think Kernel Normal
Form.  It has been recently relocated from /doc/style/ to
/usr/share/misc.  All kernel code is expected to be in this form.

Its *very* common for companies to require projects to be in a single
style the reasons are many go buy a book if you want to read about
them. :^) In the mean time if you want to make my life a lot easier and
to keep me from monkeying with your code please make all submissions to
me in this form.

Yes, Markus uses GNU style in his code in the kernel.  Its ghastly and
he is stuborn about changing it.  However I respect the work and time
he put into the amiga port so I have left it be.  Markus is the only
exception.  (Well unless someone else makes a contribution as great as
Markus' I guess)

Understand that my style while closer to KNF than GNU was not KNF.  It
is now becuase I work mostly in NetBSD.  I switched so can you. :^)
(My grfabs* code was orignally, and still is partially, in my old
style.  All my new code is in strict KNF so for bad examples look
at amiga/dev/grfabs* for a good exmaple look at m68k/m68k/db_disasm.c)

Please try and understand the importance of a single style.  I don't
think anyones going to have a problem with any of this.  I figure it
just needed to be pointed out.