Subject: Problems
To: NetBSD-Dev <>
From: Calvin Chu <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/23/1994 21:44:30
Is the 744 kernel equipt with /dev/view?  I'm using the generic 744 
kernel and I'm not sure, but it doesn't appear to work with those new 
color X servers that were released. 

When I do a startx or xinit I get the following:

open device: No such file or directory

then when I do a mknod and put in the view00 and view01 devices, I get:

open device: Operation not supported by device

However, I never had any problems with the Xmono. This is the strange
part.  When I put the symbolic link from xxbsd... to Xmono, the same 
error occurs! But I didn't have a problem with it prior to my mknod'ing 
the view devices.   Now I'm not all too sure where the problem lies.  

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